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Whether you want to get your point across or share a message with the world, we can help you accomplish that goal.

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Word of Life is an international ministry organization with locations in over 80 countries.

In this project I worked with an international ministry to capture there lessons in order to share them around the world. We created over 500 minuets of content total that was shared around the world.

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Mike is a full time Twitch streamer and Kat is a TikTok star with over 6 million followers.

We provided a full suite of services to them including branding, media production, social media management, and photography. We even helped them streamline the publication of Twitch content to Instagram / YouTube and even helped create several TikToks with them. Check out their YouTube channel for more of our content.

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A company devoted to helping those going through their cancer journey, Cancer Tutor provides homeopathic alternatives to battle cancer.

We recorded a lot of customer testimonials of people who overcame Cancer through using their products alongside a regiment of healthy living.

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A homeopathic healthy living consultant , Dr. Eric Z is on the cutting edge of living the abundant life.

We did a lot of work with him and his wife capturing recipe videos like shown here, but also recorded whole classes that we digitized and they sold to their customers.

Informational Videos: Video
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